Bariquins’ newsletter for December 2017

14 December, 2017


We'll keep December's Newsletter brief.


Bariquins on the BBC



Bariquins on the BBC's The One Show.

The Bariquins bariatric training mannequin was featured in one of this month's episodes of The One Show on BBC1. Barry was shown in a short but interesting and sensitive report on how dealing with plus-size people affects staff of the NHS and the emergency services.

To see the episode,
click on the above image or here.

(The report starts around 6 minutes 15 seconds
into the programme.)

Barry is shown in use by Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service demonstrating how they train to deal with movin…

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Bariquins newsletter June 2017

8 June, 2017

Welcome to the June 2017 edition of the

Bariquins mannequins are made up of 15 weighted sections plus a jacket, head, hands and feet. The heaviest section weighs just 16kg (that's less than your flight suitcase). A Bariquin can be carried by one person (when not assembled) and takes less than 10 minutes to put together.





In this month's newsletter:

  • Our new Non-Executive Director is announced
  • Our new image-only instructions are introduced 
  • Reminder about the Emergency Services Show 2017

Scroll down for more details.



Tags: Bariquins, bariatric, Training, mannequin, manikin, model, dummy, doll, fire, ambulance, paramedic, nurse, health service, health and safety, health, hospital, nhs, UK, USAR, search, SAR, emergency, services, Show, Barry, Benny, obese, obesity, plus-size, large, big, fat, rescue, Extrication, back, back pain

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Obesity in the Middle East

1 February, 2017


Obesity in the Middle East


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (February 2017)

To continue with a look at the frequency of obesity around the world (I’ve already covered Europe and the American states), I thought that this month that I would concentrate on the Middle Eastern countries which incorporates the Gulf states too. In general, the term ‘Middle East’ covers the area from Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt in the west of the region, to Iran and Oman on the eastern side. North to south, it stretches from Turkey and Iran, down to Yemen. Sometimes, other countries are included in the group but for…

Tags: Bariquins, bariatric, Barry, health service, health and safety, health, hospital, fire, ambulance, mannequin, manikin, model, dummy, doll, emergency, Extrication, paramedic, police, plus-size, obesity, obese, fat, big, large, Training, rescue, search, nhs, nurse, doctor

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New Year, New Start for Bariquins

4 January, 2017

New Year, New Start for Bariquins


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (January 2017)


Just a brief blog for the start of 2017. As the New Year starts, Bariquins are in the midst of a slight change of accommodation. We're moving Barry and Benny.


We’re still based in the same place but with a minor change of address. Our website will be updated in due course but the new details are below.


Our suite number is now



We’re taking this chance to move to a unit with better facilities for our needs. We thought that we would also take the opportunity to upgrade our phone line. We’re g…

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